We are in FULL CONSTRUCTION mode at our new location in Bergen Park. Every day brings more progress. In addition, my gourmet sauces, spices, marinades & dressings are in production, soon to be ready for purchase. It’s all very exciting. In the meantime, our February & March cooking class schedule is available and ready for reservations. Sign up on our website! 

We have three types of cooking classes available at Evergreen Cooking School!

This is a class that you will get your hands dirty!  From chopping, slicing & dicing (feel free to bring your knives from home) to stirring & saute techniques, you will have a highly interactive class with Chef Mark as you prepare & create a meal.  Class topics include Knife Handling Skills, Classic Italian Sauces, Sauté & Deglaze.  A full meal & complementary wine is included with these classes.

This is a class in which you will be seated around Chef Mark while he prepares & cooks a meal.  You will have the recipe in front of you and follow along as he guides you through a 3-4 course meal.  Along the way he will ask for volunteers to throw on an apron and assist, but you can also just sit back, relax and follow along.  A full meal & complementary wine is included with these classes.

New for 2019!  Look for these classes commencing in April as we invite a Certified Sommelier or wine steward into our kitchen who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairings. Let’s raise a glass to this new class addition!