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31 10, 2020

Chef Anthony Bourdain Tribute Class /Demo


Anthony Bourdain found early success in New York Kitchens, he was the "Elvis" of bad boy chefs! He moved out of the kitchen and onto the TV screen. He travelled the world to bring his viewers a slice of life from  "Parts Unknown", his show that aired on CNN. Chef Mark pays tribute to this [...]

Chef Anthony Bourdain Tribute Class /Demo2020-08-04T20:53:33-06:00
3 05, 2020

Rosemary Ribeye /Demo


Learn how to make this impressive meal to dazzle your family or friends. Chef Mark begins the evening with the preparation of crispy Fish Cakes. Learn Chef's tips and techniques to create a perfectly Seared Ribeye Steaks with Rosemary and Roasted Garlic, accompanied by Baked Polenta with Gorgonzola and spinach. This evening includes dinner and [...]

Rosemary Ribeye /Demo2020-04-23T14:42:09-06:00
2 05, 2020

Street Eats / Demo


Chef Mark brings the world of Food Trucks and Food Halls to the Evergreen Kitchen. Many up and coming Chefs are skipping restaurants in favor of mobile eateries or booth space in Food Halls. Chef brings you a taste of everything in this class! Learn to make Louisiana's traditional sandwich, an Oyster Po' Boy! Next [...]

Street Eats / Demo2020-04-23T14:41:45-06:00
24 04, 2020

Key West Seafood / Demo


Calling all Boat Captains, this one's for you! Chef Mark pulls from his Florida roots to present a fun night of preparing seafood! The evening begins with pink shrimp Ceviche, a zesty dish that "cooks" the fish in its acidic fruit juices. Creamy conch chowder with Snapper Hemingway as the main attraction! Chef prepares a [...]

Key West Seafood / Demo2020-04-23T14:40:44-06:00
23 04, 2020

Cooking with Bourbon / Demo


Whiskey is the word of this menu. Join Chef Mark as he steps you through these whiskey infused dishes.  Start off with Whiskey Shrimp glazed in a sweet whiskey Barbecue sauce, Bourbon Brown-Sugar glazed Brussel Sprouts with bacon, tipsy sweet potatoes with crusted pecans and marshmallows and the star, sautéed Chicken Breast with Honey-Mushroom, Bourbon Cream sauce. [...]

Cooking with Bourbon / Demo2020-04-23T14:40:18-06:00
22 04, 2020

Fresh Pasta / Hands On


Learn just how easy and fun it is to make fresh pasta from scratch. You may never buy dry pasta again! You will make the dough and then work with a pasta press to create pasta 3 ways! Chef will craft a delicious pasta dish from your handmade noodles! Enjoy a family style meal with [...]

Fresh Pasta / Hands On2020-04-23T14:39:52-06:00
19 04, 2020

Salmon Wellington / Demo


Chef Mark will show you to prepare the Salmon in a puff pastry dough with a fresh Tarragon sauce. Salmon Wellington is paired with green beans almandine. This delicious class includes a full course meal and complementary wine.

Salmon Wellington / Demo2020-04-23T14:38:21-06:00
18 04, 2020

Chef Tribute to Charlie Trotter /Demo


Charlie Trotter, known in the culinary world as the King of Chicago! His flagship restaurant, Charlie Trotter's, is credited with elevating Chicago's cuisine and provided a training ground for some of the nation's best Chefs. Our Chef Mark pays homage to this legend with some of Charlie's recipes. Miso tortellini with red cabbage accompany a [...]

Chef Tribute to Charlie Trotter /Demo2020-04-23T14:37:41-06:00
16 04, 2020

Bacon Bonanza / Demo


Chef goes "hog wild" in this class, it's all about bacon! Chef Mark starts off by preparing a Beer Bacon Cheddar Cheese Soup, followed by Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp with a tangy Asian sauce. Bacon-Wrapped Beef Filet with sautéed porcini mushrooms and whiskey Bacon Brussel Sprouts are the main attraction! This evening includes a full course meal [...]

Bacon Bonanza / Demo2020-04-23T15:20:10-06:00
9 04, 2020

Shellfish Italian Style / Demo


Chef Mark shows you how to work with shellfish to create a beautiful Italian Style dish! The night begins with preparation of Italian Egg Drop Soup. Next, you will see how to make Fresh Pasta from a few simple ingredients, that will be used in the main course. Chef walks you through the steps to [...]

Shellfish Italian Style / Demo2020-03-17T11:36:44-06:00
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